July 14, 2022

Where has the time gone!?!

While we love seeing smiles on children’s faces, we were incredibly touched by all the tears that were shed by campers and staff alike as we said goodbye to the 2 week Juniors.
The confident, independent, connected kids boarding the bus were a stark contrast to the faces we greeted 2 weeks ago and the pride they feel at their accomplishments is the best feedback we could get.
On Algonquin soil, we’re really getting into the (non bovine;) “meat” of camp. The long trips departed with epic send-offs, the Inters and Seniors are diligently preparing for Mama Mia, the campers working on high class awards are blowing instructors away with their dedication and skill, and theme-days and hilarious pranks about.
Anticipation is in the air for when the surprise Circus Day skit will happen, and everyone’s enjoying the streak of sunny days we’ve been blessed with this week.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful kids with us to bring the magic to Planet Arowhon!

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