January 17, 2017

Why Camp?

Over the years we’ve shared dozens of articles with our community espousing the value of summer camp for kids, staff, and even sometimes parents. We’re thrilled that so much research is being done proving what we already knew, but we’re probably starting to sound like a broken record (and preaching to the choir) when we tell you that Harvard admissions officers care as much about teamwork and communication as they do about SAT scores. But the reason we chose to share THIS article with you was for this one powerful sentence that perfectly articulates the magic of Planet Arowhon: “In a world today that often seems to de-value virtues like kindness and acceptance, Camps create a culture that makes it cool to be kind.” As parents, you know that telling your kids what to do or believe is much less effective than creating an environment where desired traits and actions are inherently rewarded… and that the most powerful motivator of all for most kids is social acceptance. We sometimes have parents call us asking “How do I teach my kid empathy?” – the answer? Send them to camp!



“What’s with these young people? They can’t focus, can’t communicate, they’re entitled, self-centered, constantly staring at their screens!”

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