June 30, 2017

A remarkable first day at Arowhon!

What a great first day of camp! Campers toured all the activities, did their swim tests, met with Joanne, got checked in at the med lodge, had a look for lice and got a cabin photo taken. It was amazing to see the main lodge once again filled with energy.
It took no time at all before we hit our stride with camp spirit. Lunch found the whole camp up and singing camp songs. Games were being played all around the site, as cabins went from activity to activity, and learned the ins and outs of some of our new programs like Film.
Although there was so much excitement in the air the most profound moments came from the little things, that might have easily been missed. Little things like watching a swim instructor work empathetically with a scared camper. Seeing a group of junior boys help the new kid in their cabin to clear the table, and listening to the inter girls talk about what awards they “can’t wait” to get as they discuss the merits of sailing vs surfing.
Overall things are looking very promising for another wonderful summer of fun and learning on the shores of Tepee Lake.


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