June 29, 2017


What a day!!! The silver sunshine didn’t put a damper on the spirits of the campers who arrived today. Joanne always says that “without the people, camp is just a bunch of old buildings” and today proved that to us. The campers’ arrival truly lit up Tepee Lake! After feasting on everyone’s favourite first night dinner of spaghetti, caesar salad, and baker extraordinaire Arturo’s famous brownies, we dispersed into sections for evening activities. The air was filled with laughing and singing as returning campers taught new ones their favourite cheers and everyone played getting to know you games. Lights are twinkling off here one by one as campers and staff settle down for an ETB (camp lingo for “early to bed”) so we can be well-rested for the big tour day tomorrow. The air is buzzing with positive energy and we can’t wait to get this party started!!! But for now we say goodnight moon and goodnight loons, and goodnight Planet Arowhon.

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