August 3, 2013

Battle of the Sexes

Today after lunch was a hilarious skit of boys against girls, with much dancing, boys painted blue and girls in pink… Then we spent the rest of the day in competitions of the boys against the girls. First was a campwide collection of field events – obstacle courses etc. Then we had a campwide game of sticks (searching for coloured blocks hidden all over camp). And then there were individual events all over camp with 20 kids in each – girls against boys at fishing, first aid, building a picnic table, etc…. Before dinner was the cross-dressing competition, with boys dressed as girls and vice versa. Now each section of girls versus boys has their own evening activity. And the final event, at 8:30, is the dance-off, with each section of girls and boys performing a dance they’ve created. Then we’ll end the Battle of the Sexes at snacks at 9:15 with a closing skit and colour-coded fireworks to announce the winner…. The camp day will end at 11 pm with staff eating takeout Thai food we’ve had brought from Toronto in the Main Lodge, extravagantly decorated in the Thai theme. Why? Because we always want to thank and motivate them for making the sun shine and the skies sparkle on our campers, all day, every day.

A great campwide one-day program today

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