July 9, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

The first big play of the summer just ended – The Junior Show – Beauty and the Beast… The Juniors proved that their talent and their commitment bear no relation to their size! They sang and danced and acted their way into our hearts. With extravaganza costumes and sets the show was also a visual triumph…Some of the actors were so full of comedic brilliance that the audience couldn’t stop laughing.. and applauding…. The Juniors in the cast and crew are now having their cast party, and twilight is dropping over the lake… We’ve heard that Toronto has experienced severe rainstorms and serious flooding. When looking at the Environment Canada radar weather map,  we saw that severe storms had passed to the south of Algonquin Park. We had five minutes of rain after dinner with no thunder or lightning and now it’s a glorious calm dry dusk. So no weather worries here.

Beauty and the Beast, a great Junior Show...and no storms here in Algonquin

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