July 9, 2013

Could a day at camp get any better?

It was hot and sunny, and it seemed every activity  was full of even more laughter and smiles than usual. Highlights of the day were an Arts and Crafts and FAD (Fitness, Aerobics and Dance) co-production of body painting and zumba in front of the Main Lodge, which involved campers painting literally every part of their bodies not covered by their bathing suits, doing Zumba and then jumping in the lake…. campers learning solo style canoeing and kayaking on the sparkling lake…. canter trails on horseback…. and at dinner the Main Lodge was jumping with spirit…. Every section sang their section songs, but not in the regular way: They shouted: “Junior Boys Alumni” and every single person at camp who was ever a Junior Boy came running over to the Junior Boys tables to sing their section song… Then came the Junior Girls and their alumni… and so it went through every section in camp… Inter Boys trips came back today from our first ever trips to Killarney Provincial Park. The boys said it was their best trip ever. And during Inter Boys evening activity skit (a hilarious spoof on Johnny Depp), the Inter Girls Section Head got thrown in the lake, to much hilarity…. After dinner we brought out the sparkling purple top hat and pulled staff names out of the hat – the prize being a number of massages tomorrow and Thursday. Yes, a professional massage therapist comes to camp eight days every summer and we give away 45-minute massages to staff members. Why? for the same reason that tomorrow night at 11 pm we’re serving Indian food from Amaya in Toronto to staff: We expect more of our staff than do most camps… they work incredibly hard and give every ounce of energy they have to their campers, so we reward and motivate them any way we can.

The camp spirit is overflowing today

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