July 11, 2013

another great day at camp

It was sunny and windy all day… with the wind sports  full of adrenaline rushes…. Tis the season of 3rd class awards – at every lunch and dinner there are dozens of announcements of 3rd class awards at every activity – because two weeks in, many campers have achieved basic mastery at an activity… or two or three. I love it when their award is announced and their section cheers wildly…Tonight one of Canada’s national Ultimate Frisbee champions arrived at camp, to do workshops with campers all day tomorrow…. This morning or two-week campers left… Today was auditions for the Inter Senior play, High School Musical…. Arts and Crafts finished tie-dye projects. Dinner tonight was really yummy stir-fried chicken with al dente veg, fried rice and spring rolls… It’s evening activity now: Junior Girls are doing a talent show, Senior Girls are playing Jeopardy, it’s Hockey Night in Canada for the Junior  Boys, Inter Boys are playing Popper Ball and Senior Boys are … A few Inter Boys canoe trips came back today… and Brent girls and boys have started training..This morning at 6:30 the girls were swimming laps and portaging canoes.

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