July 19, 2013

Everything is 100% fine at camp….

We had rain off and on here until about 4 pm and then the skies cleared. After lunch we did indoor activities till the rain passed…. And now everybody is playing outside – it’s a normal day at camp. But, due to what we hear was more intense weather south of Algonquin Park, our  power is out and our phones are down… The power being out doesn’t affect us much because we have so many generators that we power everything that matters by generator…. But we don’t control Ma Bell, and they can’t tell us when the phones will be working again. The result of the phones being down is that all incoming calls go immediately to voicemail. We do have the capacity to check voicemail, but we cannot make outgoing phone calls. We do have email so please email us if you need to get in touch quickly.

We're all fine at camp, even tho' the power is out and the phones are down

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