July 5, 2018


We finally had a break in the heat today and everyone here is overjoyed! Halfway through 3rd period the skies opened up and the most refreshing rain came pouring down providing us with much-needed relief from the crazy weather. Never before have we seen such a positive response to silver sunshine – campers faces lit up and they ran to the closest outdoor space and literally danced in the rain.

The mood after the rain was buoyant and the campers settled down early tonight into their finally comfortable beds. We’re excited to look ahead at the weather and find a week of below 30 degree weather – tomorrow we’ll be resuming our regular schedule and campers can’t wait to get moving again at activities.

In other news, the Junior Girls hosted a wedding ceremony today to marry one of their counsellors off to their favourite instructor (decked out of course in full wedding regalia from our costume closet), and the Inter Boys had an epic water fight to beat the heat. A record 13 kids achieved their 3rds in basketball, and the first trips of Senior Girls returned triumphant from their wilderness adventures.

We are also thrilled to welcome our friend Seth Godin for his annual visit to the home of his youth, and his shiny head lit up the canoe dock where he spent his afternoon sharing his wisdom on life and paddling with campers of all ages. Now we’re just waiting for David Curhan to arrive…

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