July 24, 2021

Today’s Vax Bus

Huntsville Shoppers Drug Mart got Pfizer vaccine, so we arranged for camper vax. They’re vaxed! We’re so happy for them and for the community at large. Our vax bus with 25 campers and 7 under-18 staff left camp this morning right after breakfast, it went smooth as silk in Huntsville, and the kids were back at camp in time for lunch.

We expect some sore arms today and possible deep fatigue etc. tomorrow. Counsellors have been alerted and our Med Lodge is prepared for it all, Tylenol and TLC at the ready.

Today brings us to the Arowhon Vax Project having vaccinated 138 campers and staff, more coming soon. We’re taking a bunch of staff to get Pfizer on Wednesday, and early in 2nd session we’ll  start work on getting Pfizer for campers 12 and older.

Here at Arowhon we always say that we’re changing the world one child at a time. Our Vax Project is part of that mission –  Helping the world towards herd immunity, one child at a time.

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