July 31, 2021

It’s Camp!

Like many things this summer, changeover was less relaxing but more rewarding than ever before.

At both pick up and drop off we were touched by all the parents literally crying tears of joy and relief in seeing their kids be able to finally be kids again. There is nothing quite so special after so many months of isolation watching kids hug, play, laugh, and learn face-to-face amongst the trees. All I’ve seen of kids for the past 18 months is zombies on screens, and all I’ve heard from parents is how their kids are a shell of their past selves, and as a new mom I’ve been living in fear of what the future holds for my daughter; now I have hope that she can grow up with the connections to others and nature that all kids need to thrive.

Yesterday was a pretty typical first day at camp: the 6 and 8 weekers went straight back into activities and the lake was full of boats and laughter, while the incoming campers toured with their cabins, braved their swim tests (it was a cold one so they really earned their hot chocolate!), got their med checks and cabin pics (soon to be posted here!), and enjoyed our traditional Friday night singalong and campfire, which happen pretty much as normal since they are outside. The campfire featured classic acts such as “Handsome Prince” and Fire’s Burning sung in a round, as well as some heart-warming camper performances of songs and skits. I could see the awe in the eyes of the recently-arrived campers as they watched their incumbent peers standing up confidently in front of our community of 500, being cheered on by all, and my heart is filled with joy knowing that next week this will be them!

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