August 2, 2021

Camp Arowhon Vaccination Numbers… and Pop Up Vax Clinic August 6

We’ve been vaxing staff and campers (of course only with parental permission for campers) and we have camp vax stats:

Of our 192 staff, 186 have had 1 vax and 181 have had both shots. Which means that 97% of our staff have one shot and 94% are double vaxed.

Of the 328 campers now here at camp, 167 of them are 12 or older and thus eligible to get vaxed. Of those 167 campers, 159 have had one shot and 112 have had both shots. Which means that of our campers ages 12 and up, 95% have one shot and 67% are double vaxed.

These numbers are so important: They tell the story of a community marching towards the Holy Grail:  Herd immunity…. I wish we could raise those numbers. Our local Public Health unit is offering to do a pop-up Pfizer vax clinic at camp on August 6, but they won’t come if we don’t have enough campers getting vaxed to make it worth their while. If anybody wants their age 12+ camper vaxed on August 6, and you didn’t reply to my vax email, please email me asap.   [email protected]


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