August 3, 2021

Perseverance and teamwork

A funny story…

This afternoon a group of Inter Boys needed an activity at the last minute, so as a joke Max told them to go try to dump the Voyageur (our 50-person canoe). He should have known better than to propose a challenge to Arowhon campers!

Although the task was comical, the perseverance, teamwork, and creativity they displayed was a testament to their true colours, and seeing the surprised pride on their faces when they accomplished their task was the highlight of my day.

But equally as touching was the uproar that spread across the whole camp as the word got around that they had actually done it! I emerged from the office to investigate the origin of the screaming outside and joined the stampede to the sail beach where the deed was done. Campers from all sections were looking on with awe as the Inter Boys gleefully bailed the behemoth.

From an outside/adult perspective the whole thing seems rather silly, but watching the kids get so much pleasure and pride from something so wholesome was one of those moments that illustrated what camp is all about: good old fashioned fun cake with a thick layer of character-building icing.

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