August 5, 2021

It’s CAMP!

It’s tradition at camp to keep upcoming special days a secret from campers, and a favourite way to do that is by spreading false rumours about why Colour War/Circus Day etc. can’t happen this year (not enough cups in the ML, not enough water in the lake, etc.). We also LOVE a good joke so often before a real special day there is a “fake-out” – a skit announcing a bogus day with a ridiculous premise, leaving the campers and staff to wondering if we’d really do something as absurd as hosting an Olivia Rodrigo themed day.

The actual theme of the day was “last day at camp so let’s have as much fun as possible”. The weather cooperated perfectly and and activities included pool and dance parties, water fights galore, egg drops from the top of the tower, and a ton of fudgesicles.

The day was capped off with the most heart-warming Coffee House/talent show featuring a diverse set of acts from all over camp, ranging from Matt Maintenance serenading with his harmonica, to inspirational speeches, to Inter Girls belting their hearts out in true broadway-style solos, to a goofy but touching a good old-fashioned round of “I Like the Flowers” led by the Senior Boys.

The silence that fell over the crowd each time a new person stood up showed an impressive respect for peers and community, and the standing ovations after each act were a true testament to how much Arowhon people embody our values of Caring, Respect, and Learning.

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