July 14, 2023

Campfire Magic is Back!

Everyone at camp is thrilled with the great news that the fire ban is finally lifted!

All around camp last night were the nostalgic sounds and scents of crackling of embers and roasting marshmallows. Seeing friends gathered around fires, arms around each other, singing and chatting, reminded us of what camp is all about: connection with each other and nature, free from technology and noise… a safe haven for a couple of weeks or months from the business and stress of city life.

Another benefit to the recent rain is that campers who get wet are loving being treated to hocho (camp lingo for hot chocolate, always made with milk not water) in Directors Max and Mara’s cabins. Other fun things going on in camp life these days are an upcoming sibling sail race, Circus day (which everyone is extremely excited for but nobody knows when it is coming), the 9 day trip departure in a few days, and the Inters and Seniors hard at work in rehearsals for their musical “Newsies”.

Never a dull moment on Planet Arowhon!

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