July 30, 2017

Day 2 Down and Going Strong!

We’ve hit our groove already for what we know is going to be a great rest of the month on Planet Arowhon!

It’s truly feeling like summer now and the heat’s got us pumped to get on and in the lake. Windsurfers, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and paddle-boards converged on Tepee Lake today in a flotilla of camp cheer. Not to be beat by the boats, campers were all over our many swimming toys, including the Jungle Joe, blob, waterslides and tramps, and the pirate swing.  At general kayaking hosted a race around green leach island where campers got to compete against each other and Mara in her elite racing kayak. She was extremely surprised to get defeated by not one but two Senior Boys.

On the land side of things, the camper basketball tournament kicked off today and we’re excited to see what our campers can accomplish under the expert help of Lee Basketball. Riding trails took a special tour through camp, and rehearsals started for the Junior play (Into the Woods). Evening activity was a schmorgasborg of getting-to-know you games and camp sports like Capture the Fire,  followed by a yummy snack of chocolate chip cookies that were delivered to the Junior Girls by very handsome cookie fairies.

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