July 31, 2017

Near perfection!

Today was what you can only describe as the perfect camp day. The weather was perfect, and I mean perfect! There was just the right amount of sun, just the right temperature, a slight breeze, not to hard that that canoeists and kayakers got blown around but enough for the sailors and surfers to have a good time and test their skills. The weather wasn’t all that was perfect. Things just seemed to click today. We reached that point where almost everyone here has figured out how to co-exist in such a positive way. We all know how things should run and we know how to make this camp work. Campers are getting to their activities ready to learn. Counsellors are tackling those tough issues with veteran skills. Instructors are teaching their activities like seasoned pros. Trippers are leading fun, safe and engaging trips. Things have clicked. It’s a beautiful thing to see. When a community hits its stride like this things just work.

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