July 22, 2023

Extra Extra Read All About it!

With only a few days left before first month ends, every one is packed with excitement and special activities.

Today we had a super cabin clean up (for tuck of course), FADSUP special day (fitness on paddle boards), NOGA (nature yoga on top of Gibraltar), tie-dyeing at Arts and Crafts, and a windsurf race to take advantage of the perfect conditions on the lake.

Before dinner we welcomed back the 10 day long trip with earsplitting cheers and their whole sections jumping in the lake to greet them.

The icing on the day was the fabulous  Sinter/Senior play tonight: Newsies. The cast of incredibly talented campers showed how hard they’ve been working for the last two weeks and the audience was treated to some stellar acting, singing, and even acrobatics.

In addition to the big camp events, we’re really appreciating the little moments that we’ll miss so much after the kids are gone: the 10 year old boy who pointed out the beautiful sunset and reminded us how lucky we are to be here; the teen girls who banded around their friend who didn’t pass her high class sailing test and reminded her that her worth is more than her performance on that one day; these same girls showering awe and appreciation (and ear-splitting cheers) on their counsellor who got named “Staff of the Day”; the 12 yr old who rallied all his friends to save the baby snapping turtles from the camp dogs. These are the moments camp magic is made of.

Our flagpole quote today was “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” and we sure are smiling as we make the most of our last couple days of the session.

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