July 20, 2023

Vikings Vs. Romans

Today’s weather held out just long enough for the bulk of our special day to be in sunshine, and when the rain finally came at 4pm we took advantage of the shower for an impromptu puddle-jumping and rain-dancing party.

The day started out normal enough, with boiled eggs and cinnamon buns for breakfast and the daily cabin clean-up competition. Things started to seem a little suspicious at section meeting when some of the afternoon activities sounding a bit wacky… like 10 spots for moose hunting, or 5 for navel-gazing. Turned out it was all a ploy, because before lunch a surprise skit revealed that it was a special themed afternoon: East Camp vs. West Camp (instead of dividing by gender we decided to divide by lake side Vikings and forest side Romans). Teams competed in friendly activity competitions, maintenance, office, and first aid challenges, and a variety of creative evening activity options, including Capture the Fire and Running Pictionary.

The evening ended with the sky clearing and a beautiful show of stars in the clear Algonquin sky. We are so grateful for our beautiful summer home!

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