July 20, 2023

Tripstars are back!

One of the things that makes Arowhon so special is the drive and ambition of our campers at activities. At Arowhon, the only activity one cannot choose is inactivity, and learning new skills and achieving awards is celebrated by staff and peers alike. Over the last couple days, with campers having been here for a few weeks already, the high class awards speeches have started and there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing the entire camp explode in cheers for the accomplishment of their peers. 

The icing on the cake today was the 15 day long trip’s triumphant return. They started at Lake Missinabi and paddled almost 200 km to the town of Mattice. They were picked up and brought back to a nearby lake from where they paddled into camp to a triumphant greeting from the entire camp with all their peers jumping in the water in excitement. The returning heroes were carried into dinner in the Main Lodge on the shoulders of their staff, treated to homemade strawberry shortcake in Joanne’s cabin and will enjoy a well-earned sleep-in tomorrow.

We honour and salute their courage and persistence.

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