August 12, 2017

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Whew – we did it!

After breakfast today we greeted 40 5-7 year olds and hosted them for a day of camp fun to show what Arowhon is all about. A few showers didn’t stop our staff from giving them an incredible taste of Planet Arowhon! They canoed, sailed, rode horses, climbed walls, and ziplined through the forest all with huge smiles. But more wonderful than the cool activities they got to experience was the feeling of community and welcoming that every single one of our campers and staff showed.

All day today I saw campers of all ages going up to mini campers (and parents on tour) to introduce themselves, ask if they had any questions, and tell them all about their favourite parts of camp. It was the best advertising we could have asked for, and made us so proud of our campers for embodying the value pillars of Arowhon.

In other news, it’s a rocking evening here as a bunch of Section Heads have gotten bored of the same old evening activities and are running crazy new creative things like “Zombie Apocalyse,” “Noodle Wars, ” and “Extreme Minute to Win It.” We’re just getting tucked in for the night and I think I just saw a “hairy fairy” walk by my window carrying a tray of cookies to the Junior Girls…

Hope everyone reading this had as much fun as we did at camp today!

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