August 11, 2017

Sadie Hawkins!

The rain today didn’t stop us from having a grand ol’ hoe-down for the annual Sadie Hawkins run and dance.  In fact the lightning provided a great backdrop for the Magen Boys’ special effects – a natural lazer light show! Electricity was in the air and the Main Lodge was buzzing with energy. The evening started off with an impromptu country dance party at dinner, after which all the campers and staff went back to their cabins to get changed into plaid and jeans and bandanas. We then met back and gave the boys a head start to run away before the girls got to chase them down and take whomever they caught to one of the funny marriage booths where they were presented with pipe cleaner rings and a marriage certificate signed by staff dressed as Jo and Leon, gangsters, or the camp dogs.

In theme with the evening, snack was corn on the cob grilled to order by camp staff enjoyed while riding around camp in the back of Lou’s pick up truck filled with hay and decorated with Christmas lights. We’re going to bed with the smell of woodsmoke in our hair, tired feet from hours of dancing, and many happy memories in our heads.


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