July 3, 2018

Heat Wave!!

The campers are LOVING the heat partly because the lake feels like a bathtub; but we on staff take a more cautious view of this incredible heat wave we’re having. In order to keep our whole community both sun-safe and not sun-sick, we’ve modified camp’s schedule till the heat wave lifts. We all know that the sun is strongest from noon to 3 pm, so: Normally General (the time slot when every activity in camp is open and kids must go to an activity, but can go to any activity they want) is from noon till lunch at 1 pm. For now, we’re sending everyone to relax in the shade or indoors, campers with counsellors, for that hour. And we’re doing General every evening at 7:45 pm when it cools down. Rest Hour is extended till 3:30 pm, and is compulsory in the shade, to keep everyone out of the sun midday…. We’ve also told canoe trippers to stay off the water midday, and we’re modifying trip routes to make them less taxing.

And so far it’s working – we’re not having sunburns or heat exhaustion, for which we’re grateful.

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