August 20, 2021

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over!

Our penultimate day of programming felt like summer should: hot, sunny and carefree. Campers are really taking advantage of their last days here by getting awards left, right, and centre, and checking things off their bucket lists, from stargazing to sitting at the Head Table.

The lake was full of campers and staff refreshing themselves and we’re definitely getting our money’s worth out of the new gigantic inflatable water playground: the Nautilius. Cheering abounded after meals, and the last Senior Girl-led singalong of the season was the icing on the cake, featuring a range of soulful classics from One Tin Soldier to Halleluliah. The night was capped with a lighthearted, in-house revised modern version of Cinderella featuring incredible acting, costumes, humour, life lessons (like not jumping into relationships after one night at a ball), and most importantly a cast and crew that had a ball while doing it!

After how long we waited to get to camp this summer it feels more than ever like it flew by too quickly, and although it was a lot of work to make it happen and a tough transition for some after being home for so long, there’s no doubt that it was worth the wait and effort and we’re so grateful that we had the privilege to be here.

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