August 19, 2021

Our Algonquin Haven

We have a new camp doctor this week who commented on how wonderfully “normal” being camp feels.

With the news of the 4th wave of Covid hitting, I’ve been reflecting on how lucky we are to be in this unique sanctuary where we (and especially at the kids) can just BE. We worked so hard all year (and especially for the first 2 weeks of each session with masking and distancing) that this freedom feels well-earned.

Often the end of Colour War feels anti-climactic with going back to regular routine, but this year it feels like everyone is truly excited and savouring their last days of freedom before going back to whatever the outside world has to hold.

The Juniors returned from canoe trips today triumphant and sun-kissed (it FINALLY feels like summer weather here!) and energy is ramping up as we approach the Inter/Senior Play tomorrow night, and all the other special traditions that come along with the last days of camp.

It took a long time and a lot of work to get here, but as the end approaches faster than we expected, it’s no doubt that it was worth every second and effort.

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