July 30, 2016

It Was a Herculean Day on Teepee Today

What a day for the first day of 2nd session programming! It started out with an epic skit full of staff dressed in togas introducing the Junior play – Hercules (tryouts were held all day and anyone who auditioned will get a part). It was sunny and breezy all day and sailboats and windsurfers were flying across the lake. Riding took trails around camp, so campers got to ride around and wave to their friends from horseback, and the Jungle Joe was occupied all day with campers and staff trying to master the best blobbing technique.

The day was topped off with some AMAZING evening activities – the campers were roaring with excitement when they heard the announcements for them. Juniors performed in a talent show, Seniors played Capture the Fire, and Inters played a new game on the field called Rumble in the Rings (involving chasing each other around to pull socks out of belts) courtesy of the instructors. There’s not a cloud in the sky tonight and the stars are as brilliant as we’ve ever seen them so lots of campers will be out looking for shooting stars in the Milky Way. What a great way to start off what we know will be another great session at camp.

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