July 22, 2022

It’s Getting Hot Out Here

There’s nowhere better to be in the middle of a heatwave than on a lake in Algonquin Park!
We have literally ZERO swim “refuseniks” this summer and the Nautilus (our newest giant floating playground) is in high demand (today for the high class rock climbers to practice their “free solo” skills).
A thrilled group of kids raved to me about the moose they saw munching Lily pads in Curve Bay while they swam on horseback (a favourite hot weather activity).
The last expedition long trip arrived back yesterday, after 10 days of paddling wilderness rapids, to heroes’ greeting – a perfect send-off for the Juniors who left on their trips today, no doubt inspired by the adventures of their role models.
As we enter our last week of first session, the air is abuzz with energy as kids prepare for the play, the closing torch paddle, and high class awards tests.
Summer 2021 was great because we were back at camp, but this year it finally feels like camp is back to what it was meant to be!

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