July 23, 2022

Mama Mia!

Here we go again!
The second play of the summer was even more EVERYTHING than we could have hoped for. It was fun, funny, creative, touching, and full of heart and soul from all involved. All the hard work the camper cast and crew put into preparing over the last weeks paid off and the audience was treated to a performance to write home about. The show ran over an hour because we couldn’t staunch the applause between every scene!
And speaking of applause, our older campers have started achieving prestigious high class awards and my heart swells every time one of them is carried into the Main Lodge on the shoulders of their instructors to a standing ovation.
Seeing campers on stage and shoulders reminds me of why we are here: not just to teach them how to roll kayaks and memorize lines, but to persevere through all the challenges that got them there, to stick with it when things are hard, and who feel pride in their accomplishments.

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