July 8, 2017

Just for Laughs

We all know that pranks are one of the highlights of summer camp, and today alumni Toby Van Harten showed us how to have a little fun! He helped the campers come up with and execute a series of pranks on staff that kept us on our toes all day. Highlights included stealing all of the left shoes from Mara’s cabin and only giving them back if she could solve the riddle: “What is green when you buy it, red when you eat it, and black when you spit it out?” (hint: it’s a type of fruit), hiding the ML plate, and stealing the entire door off of Junior Boys Section Head Jonah’s cabin. Of course it was all in good fun, and like all Arowhon pranks, they made sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings or belongings.

It was hot and muggy today and Jungle Joe was especially popular at general. At Rest Hour, the whole Junior Girls section gathered for a wedding ceremony for their beloved counsellor Helena whom they dressed in a real bridal gown from the costume closet, and featured speeches, hand-picked wildflowers, and natural confetti.

The Senior Girls led a beautiful sing along in the Main Lodge after dinner (dressed in their traditional jeans and white shirts of course), and we finished the day with the first campfire of the season – a magical event held at the Junior Boys campsite. The trees were our walls and the sky was our ceiling as we came together to sing songs, tell stories, and celebrate people who have dedicated their lives to Arowhon (including recipients of 10 year jackets and  5 year paddles). There were definitely some tears of heartfelt joy shed as we joined hands and voices in our first singing of “Camp Arowhon we Always Will Remember” – we’re so glad it’s only the first of many campfires this season!

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