July 6, 2017

Another beautiful day in Algonquin park!

The weather just seems to be getting better and better. Today we had our senior girl canoe trips return. Some from the Whitney, in the southeast end of the park, and others from the Magnetewan River, where they had a great time paddling world-class white water.

Today also saw the beginning of the camper tennis tournament, with heats from all sections. Our new “sport court” tennis courts are seeing lots of action. The newly re-built playing field with professional baseball backstop and soccer nets also saw some great games of baseball and soccer today, with the inter boys and senior boys having some serious competitions.

Once again we had a big wind day on the lake and the sail boats and windsurfers were flying across Tepee. Today we also started the beginning of our training for the first month white water kayaking trip, taking place on the Madawaska river. On the note of training, our female staff are starting to prepare for a staff soccer game against Camp Tamakwa. We wish them the best of luck!

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