August 16, 2023

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

What an amazing 2 days!

Monday’s evening activity was a spectacular talent performance of song, dance, and acrobatics (Arowhon-a-Palooza), after which campers were led back to their sections to find some strange things going on… but were the rumours about Yetis, swamp monsters, and the Wendigo real, or just people trying to prank them? And where was Scooby Doo when we needed him the most?

We all gathered at the Main Lodge to try to solve the mystery, which turned into a 2 day long Colour War challenge where the whole camp was divided into 4 teams (red, yellow, green, and blue) trying to find Scooby and get to the bottom of the monster shenanigans. Teams competed in the classic full camp events, like the swim and track and field meets, Land and Sea, Counsellor Hunt (Mara did not get caught this year, thanks to the camouflage gilly suit she borrowed from the swamp monster), and of course the marathon and alma maters, as well as individual activity competitions.

After the last event, the captains came together to lead the camp in the most united, spirited sing-a-long we’ve seen in years, showing that no matter how fierce the competition was, true friendship reigns supreme and it’s the experience we had, not the outcome, that matters.

The bittersweet feeling of the last week of camp is strong in the air, and we’re resting up tonight with an ETB (early to bed) and sleep in brunch tomorrow to fuel us for the next few days full of awards tests, push trips, and just making the most out of the time we have left.

Here’s to winding up for an epic finish to a summer we won’t forget!



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