August 18, 2023

We’re going out with a bang!

Each day at camp is getting more and more exciting as we cram in all the fun stuff we can before the end!

Yesterday we all enjoyed a well-deserved super sleep in and brunch buffet which gave us lots of energy for an action-packed day.

Every spare moment was filled with high class awards tests (2 first class awards and an Arowhon A were earned) so each meal had triumphant campers being carried into the Main Lodge on the shoulders of proud instructors with their friends cheering their hearts out.

After lunch we took advantage of the great wind for our annual sailing regatta: Wayne Peck (named after alumni sailing instructors) which was a neck-in-neck race between Senior Directors Joanne and Leon and their camper crews (Leon came out victorious in the end).

The fun continued after dinner with our hilarious Green Leech race where campers can paddle everything BUT a regular boat. Some entries included a picnic table attached to 2 paddle boards, a Main Lodge bench with lifejacket flotation, and trippers paddling a raft made of food barrels. Anyone who actually made it around the island was celebrated as a winner!

Today the seniors got up with the sun to send off the Brent and Whitney push trips (true tests of physical and mental achievement that participants have been training for all summer), and campers are making the most of their last 2 days of activities and enjoying the surprise sunshine that has graced us after last night’s rain.

We’re looking forward to the Inter Senior Play tonight (Shrek) and there’s a rumour that dessert is ice cream sandwiches so it’s bound to be a great day on Planet Arowhon!

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