July 14, 2021

Letter from the mom of a two-week camper

Our two-week campers went home this morning, and I just received the following email from one of the moms:

It’s been 7 hours since I picked up my daughter from Arowhon. I know it sounds weird to hear this but my daughter is inconsolable. Since leaving camp, she’s been crying “I want to go back I’ve made a terrible mistake by not extending” and “call Joanne immediately to see if I can turn around and go back now!” 🤣💔❤️
Being a camp-person myself, I know exactly how she is feeling– it used to take me a week to get over the post-camp blues.
All things considered: the fact that the weather was shit, the food was not up to “Joanne’s standards”, and everyone needed to wear masks– I think we can most definitely chalk this “first summer” up to a massive success!!!
Please make sure to say a huge thank you to all of the Arowhon staff for making such a wonderful first impression. She loved her counsellors Zoe, Sadie, Celeste and Amanda. They did a fantastic job and she loves each one of them.
Her report is glowing. She’s already told me about being awarded “Swimmer of the Week”, starring in the Sound of Music, her favourite activities (horseback riding and sailing), and the yummy waffles “Sorry mom, but the ones at Arowhon are better than yours” lol.
Wishing you a fantastic summer!
Most grateful,

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