Our new mini campers have arrived!
August 13, 2022

Mini Camp is finally here!

Mini camp is one of my favourite times in Algonquin because it’s a chance to see the next generation of our big Arowhon family discover the magic of camp.  I was lucky enough to grow up with my family at Arowhon, but for many young kids, spending time away from home – especially two weeks – can be daunting.  That’s why we run mini camp and why it’s so important to many of our Arowhon families and future families.  Mini camp helps introduce overnight camp to younger children by showing them just how much fun camp can be.

This year, we have our mini campers trying out a few of our activities that make our campers smile – horseback riding, canoe, archery, swimming, and so much more.  So far, they’ve enjoyed a delicious lunch of pizza (cheese, pepperoni or veggie – their choice!), our incredible salad bar, two different soups (today was carrot and potato & veggie!), and some freshly cut watermelon.  They listened to our campers do their sectional cheers, singing and chanting with their friends with Teepee Lake right outside the Main Lodge window.  Tonight, they’ll enjoy turkey lasagna, salad, and garlic bread for dinner to fuel them for the fun of campfire under the Arowhon sunset.

Then, they’ll have a chance to tuck into bed with a bunch of new friends as the Algonquin loons sing in the moonlight.  The fresh air always means a good sleep, so they’ll be well rested for a bunch of activities tomorrow and a cookout for dinner before they head back home.  It’s always sad to see our mini campers go (and they’re always sad to go, too), but we know we’ll see them again soon!

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