August 15, 2022

Reflections from a Visiting Alum

We had 10 alumni join us to help run Mini Camp this weekend and it was such a treat to see how their love of camp (and ours of them) has only grown with each year apart. Here’s what one of them had to say:

After 8 years of being a camper, 1 as an LIT and 5 on staff, I returned to camp this past weekend. Here’s how it went:

My visit was surprisingly emotional. It brought back so many old memories. Some of the best days of my childhood and early adult life. Despite being gone for so long, it was all still so familiar to me. Apart from the new cabins, volleyball court, and the massive Nautilus swim toy, camp was the exact same. Same friendly people, fun activities and the EXACT same smells. Maybe that is what added to the experience being so emotional. The forest smelled the same, the cabins too. Even the boathouse had the same distinct smell. I got to go sailing, canoeing, riding, and participate in a few campfires. A perfect weekend!

I spoke to several staff and campers. The most rewarding part about coming back was seeing some of my past campers again. Despite some of them now being taller than I am, we instantly recognized each other and reminisced about when I was their counsellor/section head. I was even invited to a few cabin circles with old campers! I also got to reconnect with a past camper who is now a section head – and is having the time of his life while being one of the top camp leaders today. All of the staff and campers I spoke to had such amazing things to say about the summer so far.

Coming back to camp was something I was nervous to do. I thought I wouldn’t recognize the people and the way it was run, but I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely want to visit again next summer and continue to support the camp as much as I can. I feel as if I owe so much to Arowhon. It has helped me grow so much as a person and has especially helped me navigate and advance in the corporate world from all of the leadership and managerial experience I picked up at camp over the years. Counting down the days until my next visit!

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