August 11, 2018

Mini Camp Mania

First off, we hope you’ll accept our apology for our recent radio silence… We’ve had some technical trouble with our website that’s prevented us from posting. But technical trouble’s not a problem for everyone here on Tepee Lake because we depend on each other and NOT screens to have a good time, so nobody here even noticed.

So, here’s what’s been going on at Planet Arowhon since we last posted:

  1. We were so sad to say goodbye to our 2 and 6 week campers on Wednesday! We’re thrilled with all the positive feedback we’ve been getting from parents who have gotten their kids back, and are already looking forward to seeing them next year.
  2. Having 130 fewer campers means even more staff attention for each individual kid, and way more time to plan fun special activities. Things we’ve seen in the past few days include: every single Junior Boy carrying an egg “baby” all day yesterday – they made protective cases for them out of natural materials and took them sailing, canoeing, and up the climbing wall, and ended their day with the egg drop challenge. What better way to practice caring, nurturing, building, and engineering, all while having a great time? Last night the curve girls paddled across the lake to do a special cabin circle on a campsite, and FAD and windsurfing joined forces today for paddle-board yoga classes.
  3. We’re taking full advantage of the newly-lifted fire ban by having campfires every night, and making up for all the marshmallows we couldn’t roast before.
  4.  Today was Senior Section Staff Switch Day (that’s a lot of S’s!) so the Senior Boys and Senior Girls staff traded roles (and clothes) for a hilarious day of senior silliness.
  5. AWARDS! Every day since Junior Camp left there has been at least one camper achieve a high class award. This summer our campers seem more driven than ever to challenge themselves to learn new skills, commit to growth, and take leadership at activities. And we know it’s not just the ability to make wet wood fires and execute buoy rounding and flare jibes they’ll go home with, but increased confidence and motivation to take on challenges.
  6. And last but definitely not least…. MINI CAMP started today! For the first time ever we’re doing an overnight mini camp experience and so far it’s going swimmingly! We have 38 6-9 year olds who have been having a great time playing on the Jungle Joe, riding horses, shooting bows and arrows, and zooming down the zipline. Their evening ended with a magical campfire full of silly acts and soulful songs, and they are currently being tucked into bed by our fantastic group of alumni superstars who have come to help out.So all in all it’s been a wonderful few days in Algonquin Park. The weather is perfect (not too hot, not too cold), the sun’s been shining, and the clear skies have made for stunning stargazing. We are so grateful for our beautiful summer home and the wonderful people that make it feel like one big family!

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