July 5, 2013

a super fun day at camp

This morning, thanks to the perfect weather (hot sun, light wind) we did Pirate Day for all the Juniors at sailing.. Of course it started with a skit at breakfast. The Juniors all practiced capsizing drills and other fun stuff to get over their fears about sailing. Led by our friendly pirates (the sailing staff, suitably costumed), they had a great time and said they’re not scared of sailing any more….. The Senior Girls got home from trip yesterday and today, and a great time was had by all….  LIT day is now in its final hour… This is the half-day where our Leaders-in-Training create a program for the whole camp… they did a highly creative skit just before lunch, complete with cute costumes. The theme is Sponge Bob and the campers, in six teams, have spent the whole afternoon doing obstacle courses, chicken boarding on windsurfers, a scavenger hunt and building structures… the teams have been cheering wildly, and we count the day a great success both for the LITs in terms of leadership experience and for the other campers in terms of just plain fun and a break from regular activity programming… Tonight dinner is a BBQ/Cookout, and evening activity is Buck Lake, the annual Senior Boys satiric show.

Junior Pirate Day, LIT Day, Buck Lake

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