July 3, 2013

Summer’s Here!

It’s finally here! Today has been hot and sunny, the summer we’ve been awaiting… But the funny thing is, even thought the first 5 days of camp were chilly and cloudy, our campers were all getting in the water for swim class, windsurfing with enthusiasm, and generally being good sports about the lousy weather. Today, however, the sun shone hot and we were all so grateful… Kids were playing like crazy on Jungle Joe, the water slide and water trampolines… windsurfing did a landslide business, and spirits were high… At lunch (which was delicious home-made pizza) the Junior Girls staff introduced Junior Girls Special Day – Birthday Party – with a cute skit involving clowns… and many 3rd class awards were announced, to enthusiastic celebratory cheers from the recipients’ sections… Tonight is our first ETB (Early to Bed) of the summer. Counsellors go to sleep with their campers at 9 pm, instructors and trippers go to sleep also… ETB is great because it gives our staff a much-needed early night, it creates lovely bonding between campers and counsellors, and as our medical staff say, it’s epidemiological because people who get more sleep get sick less… And of course we love ETB because every ETB every cabin in camp does Boys or Girls Circles on ETB – that’s where they talk about stuff like friendships, inclusion etc.

A great hot sunny day at camp

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