November 19, 2013

Bullying Awareness Week is November 18 – 24

Members of the Arowhon family know about our camp commitment to stop bullying. We know from experience that the vast majority of bullying incidents are caused by problems kids are having in their relationships – so our commitment at Arowhon is first to know what’s going on in kids’ relationships and second to give them the help and support they need to solve their relationship problems. The tools we use for that work are all in the Camp Arowhon Social Safety Tool Kit – a simple “tool kit” that we put in every staff’s hands during our Pre-Camp training and through the summer via ongoing staff training.

This Tool Kit is so helpful that Arowhon Director Joanne Kates is often asked to speak and write about it. Her most recent anti-bully speech was at the Institute for Child Study in Toronto. She also serves on the board of Prevnet, Canada’s national anti-bullying organization.

For excellent anti-bullying resources, visit the Prevnet site:

Committed adults CAN stop bullying among children

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