September 23, 2013

Letter from a new 2013 Arowhon parent

BTW, one other note for Joanne and all the staff.  We rented a cottage in August and each night Adam (AGE 9!!!!) built the camp fire based on what he learned at Camp Arowhon.  On top of that, he also went kayaking with me for about an hour a day in separate kayaks and we covered serious ground.  He was so comfortable that I was able to on some days come back to the dock and watch him kayak by himself (obviously with a life jacket) around the cove!  I was so impressed with these tangible skills that he developed at your camp.  However, the most impressive thing that I have noticed is the intangible assets he acquired.  He is so much more patient with his younger brothers.  He is more communicative than he was before he left and has a greater zest for everything he is doing and for learning.

Thank you.


Lee Grunberg

Camper dad says his son grew at Arowhon

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