July 8, 2018

Super Special Sunday

For our first sleep-in Sunday of the summer we went all out! After a fabulous buffet brunch that got a rave review from critic Joanne Kates, campers had plenty of energy to do a super cabin clean up and distance swims (thanks to all that hollandaise-flavoured fuel). Then we took it up a notch from our regular Sunday super general and opened up a bunch of wacky, fun new activities like slack lining, slip ‘n slide, pool party, and chicken boarding. We love balance at camp: after a full week of working hard on activity skills it was great for everyone to play around and just focus on having fun.

There was a great breeze in the afternoon and sailboats and windsurfers were FLYING across the lake, and the wind carried sounds of our new ukeleles  all over camp as campers strove toward the newest thirds award. This evening was the first proper evening activity in a full week (with heatwave protocol and then Friday night campfire and Buck Lake) and campers were jumping at the opportunity to perform in evening activity skits again. The perfect weather is clearly good for spirits and energy because we’ve never seen such an involved game of Capture the Flag between the Inter Girls and Inter boys. Watching the game I reflected on how wonderful it is to provide boys and girls a space where they can participate together as equals,  interact through play instead of social posturing, and learn that it’s what’s on the inside, not their gender or clothes, that makes a person who they are.

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