July 10, 2018

To Neverland and Beyond

It was another perfect weather day in Algonquin Park: sunny but not too hot, a nice steady breeze, and skies so clear that the stars tonight are (literally) stellar! But the real stars of the day are the Junior Girls and Boys who performed in the first play of the summer: Peter Pan! It was obvious how much work went into preparing the amazing show, from perfectly rehearsed song and dance numbers to beautifully painted sets and stunning costumes and make-up, the show was out of this world!

But it wasn’t only the performance that blew my mind, it was also the audience. Where else would a group of 500 people between the ages of 7 and 70 be so silent that you could hear every line spoken in a huge room by juniors without a microphone? It was the perfect embodiment of our pillar of respect in action… and the coolest part was that nobody had to tell them to be quiet – they did it because they really care (and wanted to hear the spectacular show).

In other news, the cheering that rocked the Main Lodge after dinner when the dessert of ice cream sandwiches was served was deafening – definitely a crowd-pleaser. We also tried a new dinner item tonight: turkey chilli, which seemed quite popular. Chef Steph and her incredible kitchen team have definitely won their way into our hearts through our tummies!

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