August 6, 2023

The Best Kind of Drama

Last night was the Junior/Jinter play: The Greatest Showman, and great it certainly was! The campers sang, danced, and did acrobatics in the most amazing costumes that had the whole camp in standing ovation and close to tears. The grand finale was a getting the whole audience to stand up and sing and dance along to the encore song (and “one more song” on audience-chanted demand).

The theatrics continued today with a spectacular skit at lunch announcing the Inter/Senior play to be Shrek. Auditions were this afternoon and, like all Arowhon plays, everyone who tried out will get a part.

The sun shone all day on campers at activities on the lake and land, fuelled by a delicious Sunday brunch. Not too many people took advantage of the optional sleep-in because everyone was so excited to line up for chocolate croissants, eggs Benedict, smoked salmon, and tropical fruit. It was a pleasure to see kids and staff of all ages and genders enjoying their brunch in groups together outside all around the Main Lodge.

Second session awards are starting to roll in and we’ve had 2 seconds speeches already and the first first class test of the summer is after dinner tonight.

To cap off our great day we’re looking forward to a good old fashioned Arowhon campfire tonight, with songs, skits, speeches, and shenanigans from campers and staff.

While the remaining days of summer are starting to fly by, we’re making sure to make the most out of every one of them here on Tepee Lake!

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