July 25, 2017

The Sun Sets on First Month 2017

The cold wind outside today only served to make the inside of the cabins cozier as campers and stuff snuggled in together to enjoy their last day on The Planet. Packing went smoothly and we spent the rest of the day doing warm fuzzies and cabin bonding activities. Many a marshmallow was roasted, bus letters written, and final canoe rides enjoyed.

After a long dinner because of so many cheers and awards speeches, we broke up into sections for closing activities and then came together in the Rustic Lounge for an amazing recap of the summer – a video slideshow produced by Bill Film, followed by a magical torch paddle and reading by Jo. We also inaugurated a new tradition of 10 year jacket speeches inspired by the unprecedented number of second year staff receiving theirs this summer: an unbelievable 16!!! We knew we’d be there all night if they did individual speeches so we challenged them to come up with a new ceremony, and they didn’t disappoint! They treated us to a cabin circle where they shared their roses and thorns of their last decade at camp. Their memories were poignant and funny and perfectly captured the essence of Arowhon.

It was the perfect way to cap off a perfect month! We can’t believe it’s passed so fast and we’re sad to say goodbye to our one month campers. Wishing everyone a fantastic changeover and can’t wait to see the new and returning faces on Thursday!

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