July 23, 2017

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

The last couple days of each session always have a different feeling then the rest of camp. It is clear we are winding down but at the same time winding up. Its hard to put your finger on what it is that the camp is feeling right now. Its almost as if everyone’s energy levels have increased. There is so much that everyone wants to do before they depart from this magical place. Maybe its something special like having cabin circle in the voyageur canoe after paddling to the middle of the lake, or maybe its as simple as spend some special time with someone you care about. Either way this feeling and need to leave your mark on this place and go away with those extra special memories has profound affect. We see the true spirit of Arowhon come out in full force as people realize they only have a few more sleeps here.

So much goes on in this last few days its hard to stop and appreciate what magic truly happens here. Today we had the inter-senior play. Annie was the production and wow was it amazing! Unbelievable singing and acting from all the people involved. There was also a fantastic amount of awards given out today. In the last few days of every session we always see this spike in awards as people finish up the last few things they need to do in order to meet the criteria. We also have the testing for the high-class awards take place. Arowhon’s award system is one of the special things about our activities. Our community places such high value on individual achievement. It is not about being better then someone else at something, it is about being your best self. This is never more evident then when you watch a young person strive for excellence in something they are so passionate about and then be recognized by the whole camp for their hard work and achievement.


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