May 1, 2020

‘This Arowhon Life’ Episode #3 – At-home tools for dealing with Anxiety

Welcome to episode 3 of “This Arowhon Life”, Camp Arowhon’s weekly podcast that helps us feel connected, inspired, and supported by our beautiful wilderness home.

In this episode, we’re talking about anxiety, depression, and the ‘mental load’ our kids carry around with them. Our Camp Director, Joanne Kates, is joined by Camp Arowhon Assistant Director, and her daughter, Mara Kates, to talk about some of the techniques we use at Camp Arowhon to support kids when they’re experiencing anxiety. Mara and Jo will teach us how we, as parents, can use these techniques – ranking, meditation, grounding and progressive muscle relaxation – at home to help our kids tackle these ‘big feelings’.

Thanks for tuning in!

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