August 14, 2017

We are Andy’s Toys!

So much for being “Joanne’s toys” – today we were most definitely Andy’s toys as the amazing Toy Story-themed Colour War kicked off to a great start! Before the wakeup bell even rang campers were pouring out of their cabins dressed in full colour gear and cheering at the tops of their lungs. This morning campers worked in teams to chase staff down and completed tasks to earn the answers to Toy Story trivia questions. In the afternoon they put their all into their big splashes, Arowhon A dives, and back crawl and butterfly for the annual Colour War swim meet, followed by the soccer and basketball championships – a new tradition which drew the whole camp down to cheer the athletes on while enjoying fudgesicles in the grandstands!

Campers also competed throughout the day in activity competitions, such as the tennis tournament, speed chess, and dance battles. But the highlights of the day were most certainly the stellar fight songs (written and performed by the campers themselves), and the epic Counsellor Hunt where all the staff hide and campers have to search around camp to find them. The higher up the staff members are, the more points they are worth (Jo is the grand prize at 300 but nobody caught her because her camouflage game is so good!).

As the incredible Algonquin stars emerge tonight, the Juniors are all sleeping soundly on their campsite dreaming about when they get to participate in Colour War (or maybe the s’mores they ate tonight), the Inters are tucked cozily into bed resting up for another jam-packed day tomorrow, and the Seniors are up late preparing for the Alma Maters and marathon tomorrow.

So goodnight Woody and Goodnight Buzz and goodnight Planet Arowhon.

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