July 20, 2018

We’re Back!

It’s been a few days since our last post, and it seems you parents are starting to get ansty for an update from camp, so here it is! First off, we apologize for our radio silence the past few days… our priority at camp is always taking care of the kids who are here, so when days get busy, as they do at camp, and we can’t fit everything in, we put the kids first and the parents’ need to know what’s going on second.

And busy it has been! What a wild and wonderful few days! The special day (dubbed “kids day off”) was a blast for all. The morning consisted of beautifully organized chaos, including tuck trucks, slip ‘n slide, water fights, and mocktails at swim-up bars – definitely the rose of many cabin circles. Then the campers spent the afternoon interviewing different suspects to try to figure out who had taken Joanne and Mara. Potential kidnappers ranged from Seth Godin to Bill Gates to David Curhan’s grandson,  but in the end it was revealed in a dramatic skit that it was the Program Directors themselves who felt they weren’t getting paid enough and wanted to sell camp to fund a vacation. Luckily our camper detectives uncovered the crime and Jo and Mara were returned to safety in time for dessert of ice cream sandwiches.

The next day we had the annual Green Leech canoe race where camper-staff teams paddle around Green Leech island in any boat BUT a regular canoe. Winners this year were Inter Boys, but many teams got honourable mentions for their creative crafts, such as Joanne and Leon who both dressed in tutus and paddled a raft of windsurf boards with some Senior Girls, and Mara, who, with a diverse crew of persistent campers, figured out how to perambulate on the blob!

In other news, high class awards testing is in full swing, and nearly every meal has campers being carried into the Main Lodge on the shoulders of instructors to ear-splitting cheers of their proud peers. The inters and seniors are hard at work on the play (Fame) which debuts tomorrow, and everyone’s trying to guess what the theme of the Cotillion banquet will be, but the Senior Girls are doing their best to keep it a secret. Both the Junior Girls and Junior Boys sections are out on their canoe trips, so camp is eerily quiet… we can’t wait to have them back to spice up camp with their amazing energy and antics!

It’s hard to believe there’s less than a week left of first session – time really does fly when you are having fun.

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