May 26, 2020

‘This Arowhon Life’ Episode #6 – And now for something completely different!

Welcome to episode 6 of “This Arowhon Life”, Camp Arowhon’s weekly podcast that helps us feel connected, inspired, and supported by our beautiful wilderness home. I’m your host, and Camp Arowhon Tripping Director, Andre Amiro.

It’s been a difficult week on Planet Arowhon.

The Ontario government has announced that summer camps in Ontario will not be allowed to operate this summer. We’re incredibly sad – for all of us, campers, parents, and staff. To think of camp silent, without the joyous sounds of kids at play, to imagine the Main Lodge empty and quiet, the lake without canoes, windsurfers, kayaks and sailboats – is heartbreaking.

Camp is where we find our best selves and our closest friends, and losing a summer at camp is unbearably sad. Camp is our happy place. We love the hijinks, the camaraderie, the community support, marvelling at double rainbows over Tepee Lake, and a million other things that happen in a normal day at camp.

Given all that’s happened this week, we didn’t have the chance to record a NEW episode, so we’ve reached into our archives to find something new, but familiar.

This week we bring you a rendition of Louis Carroll’s “The Jabbawocky”, as has been told at Campfires, Arowhonapaloozas and Talent Shows. It’s a story of loss, of failure, of overcoming adversity, and of finding the silver lining in difficult situations – no matter how long it takes.

We hope you’ll enjoy it, while together, we dream of being together again on the sunny shores of Tepee Lake.

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